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Welcome to Bali and the rest of surprising Indonesia!

Indonesia has closed its borders to foreign tourists in an effort to contain corona virus (COVID-19) infections. All leisure visas, including the free Visa on Arrival have been suspended until at least 31 December 2020.

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2020 National Holidays and Festivals in Indonesia

January 1: Tahun Baru (New Year)
January 25: Imlek (Chinese New Year) 

February 19-22: Galungan, Bali 
February 28 - March 1: Java International Jazz Festival, Jakarta

March 12-15: Indofest Outdoor Festival, Jakarta
March 22: Isra M'raj Nabi Muhamad SAW (The Prophet's Ascension)
March 24-31: Bali Spirit Festival, Bali
March 25: Nyepi (Hindu New Year -Bali is closed off during 24 uur)

April 10: Jumat Agung (Good Friday)

May 1: Hari Buruh Internasional (International Labor Day)
May 7: Waisak (celebration of Lord Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death
May 21: Kenaikan Isa Almasih (Ascension)
May 24, 25: Idulfitri (end of the fasting month)

June 1: Pancasila Day (Pancasila is the State philosophy)
June/July: Bali Arts Festival, Bali
June: Ubud Food Festival, Bali

July 3-5: Prambanan Jazz Festival, Yogyakarta
July: Makepung Bullock Races, Jembrana, Bali
July 23 - August 30: JOG Art, Yogyakarta
July 24-25: Jakarta International Film Festival
July 28-31: International Choir Festival, Bali
July 31: Idul Adha (Muslim celebration of Abraham's sacrifice)

Ubud Village Jazz Festival
August 17: Hari Kemerdekaan (Independence Day)
August 21-25: Sanur Village Festival, Bali
August: Bali Kite Festival, Bali
August 20: Tahun Baru Hijriyah 1442 (Muharram: Muslim New Year 1442)
August 30: Maybank Marathon, Bali

September 5-17: Tour de Singkarak, Padang
September 24-30: Balinale Film Festival, Bali
September: Lovina Beach Festival, Bali

October: Nusa Dua Festival, Bali
October: Kuta Carnival, Bali
October: Jogya Java Carnival, Yogyakarta
October 29-November 8: Kembali2020: Ubud Writers & Readers Festival and Ubud Food Festival, Bali (online due to Covid-19)
October 29: Maulud Nabi Muhammad SAW (birth of the Prophet Muhammed)

November: Bali International Triathlon

December 25: Natal (Christmas)